About Me – Health, Wealth and Happiness

DSC00085picture taken by me in Greece

Hi, a little bit about myself for my first blog post

My name is Perry, I live in the UK, am 36 years old and married with 2 kids. I work in a corporate environment and have dreamed about retirement since leaving university.

This blog is to share my financial plans and progress (which includes pensions, ISA’s, rental properties, stocks, shares, cash and other assets), my strategies, approach, lessons and calculations for very early retirement, and some other observations on life

I hope to be able to inspire others to believe they can take control of their finances, optimise every penny available to them, and to have the choice to retire very early with a disciplined approach to life – to believe that true financial freedom does not take enormous sacrifice, but simply discipline, self-belief and patience

No one seems to believe that this goal is achievable without giving up “living for today”. My response is simple – I have as much fun and enjoyment in my life as those around me who spend every penny of their huge salaries. For me, “living for today” is about spending quality time with friends and family, enjoying hobbies, holidays and leisure time, and not worrying about work, health or money. “Living for today” isn’t about how much you spend, but about what you do with your time and who you spend it with

Coming up in future posts: How I plan to finance my retirement, how to cope with the new UK rules on child benefit, my take on ISAs versus Pensions, my buy to let property portfolio, mortgages and debt, how I approach investing for kids, how I can “live for today” whilst saving for tomorrow… Plus a few rants about the state of the roads, petrol prices, childcare, the “squeezed middle” and more!

This is my first blog, so please send me your comments on how I can improve, what you’d like to hear about and any other feedback and suggestions



One response to “About Me – Health, Wealth and Happiness

  1. Hi FFUK, I just stumbled upon your blog from Mr1500’s. Just wanted to say that you’ve got a great start to a blog here and I excited to see a UK-based blog too. Keep up the good work!

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